The 30 van Zandvoort owes its name to the main distance with thirty alternating kilometers through and around the Netherlands’ most famous seaside resort where nature, culture and entourage are central. There is also a shorter distance on the program, the 18 km.

30 km

After the start from Paddock 2 on Circuit Zandvoort the hike goes towards the beach of Zandvoort. After a few beautiful kilometers on the beach you will arrive at the Port City of IJmuiden. After the stamp post at Strandpaviljoen Beach Inn you enter the beautiful Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland. Walk along various highlights on the route such as Landgoed Duin & Kruidberg, the Ruine van Brederode the Kopje van Bloemendaal, Openluchttheater Caprera, Landgoed Duinlust and the Visserspad. After 30 special kilometers you will finish on the Gasthuisplein in the attractive center of Zandvoort.

18 km

You can start at Circuit Zandvoort from 9.00 hours. The first meters you walk on the boulevard and the beach. After 3 kilometers you walk into the beautiful Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland towards the Vogelmeer. If you are halfway, you will come to Camping De Lakens, where you can give your feet some rest. After that, you continue along the Wisentengebied Kraansvlak, the Visserspad and towards the finish. You celebrate your achievement on the Gasthuisplein in the pleasant center of Zandvoort.

35 km

In 2020, a distance of 35 km was added especially for the 10th edition. Unfortunately, this edition was canceled due to the corona virus. Fortunately, you can still opt for the special 35 km during the 11th edition. The first 35 km you walk on the asphalt of Circuit Zandvoort.

Walking safe

During our events, we as an organization want to create the safest possible road situation for participants and other road users. That’s why it’s important to all to show the same walking behavior. We ask you to walk on the right as much as possible during our events. This allows us to avoid ambiguity on routes that aren’t completely closed to walkers.

Please note! The 30 van Zandvoort is not suitable for disabled people and strollers due to the difficult course. Nationaal Park Zuid-Kennemerland has a rich plant and animal world. In a number of areas where the route passes, dogs are not allowed to protect the fauna. As a result, dogs are not allowed to walk the 30 van Zandvoort.